Customized Clothing

Do you ever feel like you want to stand out a little bit extra? We are excited to announce we are now offering customization orders for all of our clothing and apparel. Maybe you can’t wait for your lake to be dropped or you want to get a personalized sweater with your name, image or an inside joke embroidered or printed on it. Whichever it may be, we have got you covered! From style, colour and design we are your one stop shop. Send us a message for more information and a free quote today. 
Please note that pricing will vary depending on the request and quantity. The higher the quantity the better the pricing! 

Personalized Camp Signs

11/17 is excited to announce that we will now be offering customized signs. Maybe you want to personalize your camp, sauna or home a little more with a sign perfect for the whole family. These customized signs are sure to bring that home feeling to your happy place. Signs are available in a variety of sizes in either wood or metal. If you have a design in mind or would like us to create a special piece for you, send us a message for an estimate today.

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